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How We make Our Personalized Coins

At seQua.Shop, we've perfected the art of creating custom coins that are as unique as you are. Whether you're looking for challenge coins, commemorative coins, or any other type of coin, we have you covered.

Step by Step Customization of Your Personalized Coins

Our production of each personalized coin begins with meticulous preparation. Working closely with you, our esteemed client, we craft an exquisite graphic design layout that's sure to meet your expectations.

Materials & Precision Cutting

Your customized coins are crafted from a variety of materials including noble steel, brass, titanium, and even gold. Each coin is precisely cut from a sheet to guarantee precision and consistency in every piece.

The beginning of our personalized coin - cutting a sheet of steel

Preparation & Polishing

The next step involves preparing your custom coins for engraving. This process includes grinding the metal with specialist papers followed by high-gloss polishing, ensuring a perfect canvas for your personalized design.

Grinding Our Personalized Commemorative Coins

Laser Engraving & Razor3D Method

Following the preparation, we move to engrave the personalized coins. Utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology or our proprietary Razor3D method, we achieve a depth of detail that is truly second to none. Unique to seQua.Shop, the Razor3D technique promises the pure color of the metal without leaving any darker surfaces.

Our Personalized Coin - Types of Engraving Comparison
Final polishing of Our Customized Coins

Final Polishing & Packaging

After engraving, your customized coins are polished once again to a mirror shine. Any residue from the polishing paste is carefully removed before each coin is meticulously cleaned and then packed in protective casing. If you prefer, we can also include gift packaging with a printed card of well wishes. Experience the joy of gifting or owning custom coins that carry a personal touch. Let Custom-Coins.Gift make your next commemorative coin or challenge coin a true testament to individuality and craftsmanship.
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