Personalised Coin – Your Story in a Unique Form

Your Story, Your Memories – Design Your Own Coin at seQua.Shop

Take the opportunity at seQua.Shop and design your own personalised coin. Create something that tells your story and keeps important moments alive forever.

personalisierte münze - isoliert

Personalised Coin – Unique Memories Forever

A personalised coin is more than just a gift. It's a special way to commemorate important moments in life. Design your own coin at seQua.Shop, reflecting your personal memories and special occasions. Perfect for immortalising significant events, people, and places in your life.

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Personalisierte münze

Creativity Without Limits – Design Your Own Coin

At seQua.Shop, you have free rein in designing your personalised coin. Choose from a variety of symbols, add words or even place your own image on the coin. Each coin is a reflection of your personality and interests, becoming a unique piece of art.

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personalisierte münze - 10 Jahriger Hochzeitstag Münze

Personalised Coin – The Perfect Gift

Looking for a unique gift? A personalised coin from seQua.Shop is an excellent choice. Each coin is unique and adds special value to any collection. More than just a gift – it's a keepsake for a lifetime.

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individuelle münzen - Meesing und Edelstahl

Variety of Materials – Personalised Coins in Stainless Steel and Brass

Discover the variety at seQua.Shop: Our personalised coins are available not only in high-quality stainless steel with a silver finish but also in elegant brass with a golden hue. This choice of materials allows you to create a coin that has not just emotional but also aesthetic value. Whether you choose the modern and sturdy look of stainless steel or the classic elegance of brass – each personalised coin is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that stylishly tells your story.

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Durability and Elegance – Coin with Your Own Image

Our personalised coins are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring their durability. The high-gloss polished surface gives them extraordinary elegance, making each coin visually stunning.

personalisierte Münze zum 25. Hochzeitstag in einem Etui - geschenkmünze
Hochzeitsmünze aus Stahl mit Porträt und Text als personalisiertes Geschenk
Personalisiertes Hochzeitsgeschenk: Stahlmünze mit Herz und Initialen des Paares

Multimedia collage

Individuelle münze
10 Jahriger Hochzeitstag Personalisierte Münze - Frontansicht
Personaliiserte Münze - Silberhochzeit Geschenk_-_Frontansicht

Can I See the Design of the Custom Coin Before It's Made?

Absolutely! We'll send you the design for approval before starting the production of your coin. You'll have the opportunity to request changes to ensure the final product meets your expectations.

Is It Possible to Engrave a Symbol Not Offered in Your Selection?

Yes, we are happy to engrave any symbol you provide, as long as it is not trademarked or prohibited by law.

What Is the Best Format to Submit Graphics for My Personalised Coin?

We accept almost every file format. The most popular are JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, but if your graphic is in a different format, don't worry – we can handle it.

If There Are Multiple People in a Photo, Can I Have Just One on the Coin?

Yes, you can send a photo with several people. The important thing is that the person who is to be on the coin is clearly visible and not obscured.

Can the Coin Feature Two People from Two Different Photographs?

Certainly, we can merge two separate photographs into one portrait for the coin.

How Do I Attach a Photo to My Order?

You can upload the photo directly while placing your order or send it to us later via email.

Is the Coin Considered Legal Tender?

Our coin is strictly commemorative and is not recognised as legal tender.

How Is the Coin Packaged?

Each coin is placed in a protective case and then in an elegant gift box. You can also provide a dedication message, which we'll include on a greeting card with the package.

What Is the Maximum Number of Characters I Can Have Engraved on the Coin?

While we can technically engrave extensive text, we recommend keeping it concise as longer sentences require smaller fonts. We'll send you a design for approval before making the coin. If the text is too lengthy, we'll inform you and work out a solution.

What Is the Turnaround Time for an Order?

Your coin will be dispatched within a maximum of 3 working days from your design approval. However, please remember that shipping to your location may take a few additional working days.

Can I Order a Coin Made of Silver or Gold?

Yes, we also offer coins crafted in 925 silver or gold. Please contact us for an individual quote.

Is It Possible to Order a Coin of Different Dimensions?

Absolutely, we can create a coin in the dimensions you prefer. Please contact us to discuss the details and receive a custom quote.

What If My Question Is Not Listed Here?

We're eager to answer any questions you have about our custom coins. Please contact us via email to get more information.