About seQua.Shop

seQua is a brand that has gained the trust of thousands of satisfied customers in Poland over the years, offering them unique, handcrafted jewelry. Founded by Paweł in 2011, the company initially specialized in the production of rings, only to expand its offer to titanium jewelry in 2017.

The passion, creativity, and hard work of the seQua team have resulted in success on the Polish market, evidenced by the positively-reviewed online store www.bizuteria-tytanowa.pl. Now, having earned the trust of customers in Poland, seQua has decided to expand its operations to the broader European market.

In April 2023, seQua.Shop appeared - a new platform aimed at delivering seQua products to customers across the entire European continent. Everything that distinguished seQua on the Polish market - unique design, high quality of workmanship, attractive price - has been transferred to the new platform, seQua.Shop. At the same time, striving for continuous development and improvement of our services, we have implemented a number of new solutions on it, aimed at providing even better service to our customers.

We understand that trust is something that is built over years, but can be lost in the blink of an eye. That's why at every stage of the company's operations, we strive to act with the utmost care and honesty. The quality of our products, the professionalism of customer service, the timeliness of order fulfillment - all this is equally important to us.

The newly established seQua.Shop is another step on the way to fulfilling our mission - delivering beautiful, unique jewelry that brings joy to our customers. We hope that just as our Polish store www.bizuteria-tytanowa.pl has gained the trust and sympathy of customers, the same will happen with seQua.Shop.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer. See for yourself that seQua is a brand you can rely on. We look forward to the opportunity to deliver our unique products to you and we are confident that you will find something for yourself with us. We await you at seQua.Shop!