Exceptional Durability and Elegance - Tungsten Dog Tags

Our Dog Tags are made from tungsten, known for its unmatched hardness and elegant appearance. Tungsten is the second hardest material on Earth, only surpassed by diamond. This makes our dog tags nearly impervious to scratches and damage. Their incredible resilience ensures that the tag retains its original shine and perfect look for many years. Additionally, we offer a wide range of personalisation options, allowing every customer to create a tag that perfectly reflects their personal style and preferences. By choosing our Tungsten Dog Tag, you're investing in a product that combines durability, functionality, and individual design.

dog tag anhänger mit Razor3D gravur - kompass und name

Razor3D Engraving - A Revolution in Personalising Dog Tags

Our advanced 3D engraving technology, known as Razor3D, represents a breakthrough in precise personalisation. This technique ensures exceptional accuracy and clarity of details, making every engraved letter on your Dog Tag sharp and a distinct element of design. This engraving method achieves unparalleled depth and sophistication, making your individual text or pattern stand out with remarkable clarity. Razor3D is not just technology; it's the art of precisely expressing personal style, elevating the personalisation of your tag to an entirely new, previously unreachable level.

Personalisation of Your Dog Tag - Unlimited Possibilities

Want to engrave your initials, a significant date, or an inspiring message? The possibilities are endless. Choose a Dog Tag with engraving, specially made for you. Each tag is unique and tailored to your individual needs. No matter what idea you want to bring to life, our technology and experience allow for the creation of something exceptional.

dog tag anhänger ohne Gravur - hochglanzpoliert - isoliert

Create Your Dog Tag - Complete Personalisation from Scratch

Personalise your Dog Tag according to your own idea. You can add your chosen text, select from various fonts, and decorate the tag with a chosen graphic symbol or image. We offer a wide selection of symbols in our gallery, but if you want to give your tag an even more personal touch, you can send us your own symbol, image, or even a company logo. You decide how your perfect Dog Tag will look, creating something truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

koordinaten dog tag Anhänger mit name - personalisiertes Geschenk zum Geburtstag oder Valentinstag

Coordinate Dog Tag - Personalisation with a Geographic Accent

A coordinate dog tag is a unique way to commemorate a place that holds special meaning for you. You can add the coordinates of your favourite place or any other text, which will be placed on a prominent vertical strip at the edge of the tag. This innovative solution allows for preserving memories associated

with a specific place in a unique and stylish way. Additionally, you can complete the look of your tag, adding your own text or symbol on the main part. This combination of coordinates with individual messaging or graphics means that each dog tag becomes not just a personal keepsake, but also a sophisticated piece of jewellery that tells your story.

dogtag mit Predator Gravur

Predator Dog Tag - Tungsten Elegance with a Touch of Wild Nature

The Predator dog tag, made from tungsten, features four deep grooves resembling the claws of a beast, giving it a unique and wild character. You can place any text on it, allowing for personal expression and individualization. On the back of the tag, there is an option to engrave a chosen phrase or add a symbol from our gallery, enabling further personalization and giving the tag a unique dimension. The Predator dog tag is the perfect blend of expressive strength and elegance.

dogtag mit Tsunami Gravur - das perfekte Geschenk zum Valentinstag für einen Seemann

Tsunami Dog Tag - Capturing the Force of Nature in Three-Dimensional Design

The Tsunami dog tag is a unique proposition, featuring a three-dimensional graphic on its front, depicting the tumultuous waves of a tsunami. This dynamic and vivid pattern captures the power and majesty of natural forces, making this tag not just a piece of jewellery, but also a work of art.

At the bottom part of the tag, there is space for engraving a short text. It could be a motivating quote, a date, or any other personal message that adds individual character to the tag. The back of the tag offers complete freedom for personalisation. You can add your own text, choose a graphic, or even place a photo. This possibility allows you to create a totally unique and personal Dog Tag, which is not only an expression of your style but also a carrier of meaningful content and memories. The Tsunami dog tag is the ideal choice for those who value originality and want to wear something more than just ordinary jewellery.


wolfram dog tag - das perfekte Geschenk für jeden Anlass
dog tag anhänger mit Razor3D gravur - kompass und name

Wolfram - 4 Mal stärker als Edelstahl
dogtag mit Predator Gravur

Personalised Dog Tags

Top Quality and Long-Lasting Dog Tags

Our tungsten dog tags are all about top-notch quality and lasting a long time. Tungsten is so hard that the tags don't easily get scratches, keeping them looking great for a long time. They're the right mix of beauty and strength, great for people who like things that are both stylish and practical.

Fast Service and Your Own Custom Designs

We're quick in getting your personalised dog tag to you. If you have a special design in mind or need some inspiration, our team is here to help. Reach out to us, and we'll work together to make a dog tag that's just right for you. Choose a tungsten dog tag from seQua and explore all the ways you can make it yours.