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Dog Tag Necklace with Engraving - Your Personal Masterpiece in Tungsten

Dog Tag Necklace with Engraving - Your Personal Masterpiece in Tungsten

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Discover the Unmatched Shine and Precision of the Tungsten Dog Tag

Discover the jewel of our pendant collection - the perfect Tungsten Dog Tag, the result of our 10 years of experience with modern metals. This unique product, designed for those who value durability and refined design, combines reliability and unique style. It is the ideal choice for people looking for jewellery that reflects their strength and personality while being a timeless addition to any style.

Tungsten Dog Tag: Unparalleled Hardness and Durability

By investing in our Tungsten Dog Tag, you choose a product that will withstand the test of time with unmatched elegance. Its unique scratch resistance is due to the impressive hardness of 9.5 on the Mohs scale, making it almost as hard as a diamond. This unparalleled durability, combined with its lasting shine, ensures that your dog tag will look perfect for years, becoming a faithful companion in every situation. It's the perfect choice for those who value not only style but most importantly the reliability and durability of their jewellery.

Rounded Edges and Mirror Polish Dog Tag with Engraving:

Our new Tungsten Dog Tag is distinguished not only by its unique material but also by its thoughtful design. Rounded edges ensure wearing comfort and add a subtle elegance, while maintaining the masculine character of the jewellery.

A Symbol of Craftsmanship Excellence

Each surface is carefully polished, allowing perfect light reflection and attracting attention.

Personalised Pendant with Razor3D Engraving Technology

We offer a unique personalisation option for your dog tag with our innovative Razor3D engraving technology. This method allows for precise and deep engraving of text and graphics directly into the metal, ensuring the durability and wear-resistance of the engraving.

How to order

Provide the engraving text for the front and back. If you want to add a symbol, enter its number (e.g., A96).
Enter up to 2 letters to be embossed on the leather.
Place your order and wait for the engraving design we'll email you within a maximum of 24 hours. You'll still be able to make changes to the design.
No ideas or didn't find a graphic? Simply describe in words what you want engraved, and we'll prepare a design for you.
We will only produce your personalised keyring once you've approved the design.


dimensions of the engraved plate: 24x44 mm
diameter of the key ring: 30 mm

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