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Personalized Handwriting Necklace and Coordinates Pendant

Personalized Handwriting Necklace and Coordinates Pendant

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Two Tone Pendant: A Fusion of Personalized Signature and Memorable Coordinates

Tungsten Dog Tag: Elegance and Durability Combined

Introducing our range of tungsten dog tag pendants, designed to last a lifetime. With the strength of tungsten and the elegance of our craftsmanship, these dog tags are more than just an accessory. They're a celebration of personal style and meaningful moments.

Express Your Personality with a Personalized Handwriting Necklace

Transform your signature into wearable art with our personalized handwriting necklace. Engrave your handwritten signature on the pendant, creating a unique, stylish piece that is as exclusive as you are. It's a timeless memento, a conversation starter, and a testament to your personal journey.

Celebrate Meaningful Locations with a Coordinates Pendant

Every place holds a story. With our coordinates pendant, you can commemorate your favorite locations, embedding their coordinates into a beautiful, long-lasting keepsake. Whether it's your hometown, the place you met your partner, or the site of your most cherished memory, carry it with you, always.

Two Tone Pendant: Creativity Unleashed

Add a splash of color to your pendant with our two-tone pendant feature. Choose from our range of colors to customize the inset shapes on your pendant. Each shape can reflect a different hue, allowing you to truly personalize your accessory and make it your own.

Navigate Your Journey with a Compass Coordinates Necklace

Add a compass engraving alongside the coordinates to make your pendant even more symbolic. The compass coordinates necklace is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a beacon, guiding you on your life's journey, connecting you to your roots, and directing you towards your future.

How to order

1. Provide the engraving text for the front.
2. You can also provide the text for a dedication on the back.
3. If you want to add a symbol, please provide its number.
4. Enter the color name for both the left and right side.
5. Place your order and wait for an email with the design.
6. Accept the design or suggest changes.
7. Your pendant will be produced only after you approve the engraving design.


Width: 24mm
Height: 45mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Chain Length: 75cm
Weight without chain: 37g

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