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Basketball Medal - Gift for Basketball Player - Personalised Coin

Basketball Medal - Gift for Basketball Player - Personalised Coin

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Looking for a Gift for a Basketball Fan? We have something special!

Are you pondering the perfect gift for someone who loves basketball? We have the ideal solution that will surely delight any fan of this sport. Our personalised coins are not just a keepsake but also a token of appreciation for the recipient's passion.

A personalised coin is more than a Gift for a Basketball Player

Choose a size of 20 or 25 mm to create a memorable personalised coin – a gift for a basketball player or basketball player. On the front of the coin, we'll place a portrait of the basketball player, made from a photo you send us. The back can be adorned with a basketball symbol, the team's logo, or any other emblem from our gallery. It's a great way to honour outstanding achievements on the court!

Medal for Basketball Player, Medal for Basketball Player perfect for every occasion

If you're looking for something bigger, choose coins with a diameter of 38 or 50 mm and create an original medal for a basketball player or basketball player. On the front of this special medal, we'll place a portrait of the winner, and on the back, you can add the team's logo, the sponsor's name, the date, the location, and any other text and graphics. This is the perfect way to recognise and celebrate both individual and team successes on the court.

Gift for a Basketball Fan? We have the perfect gift!

Our coins are available in various sizes, allowing them to be tailored to every taste and need. Regardless of the chosen size, we can personalise each coin, creating the ideal gift for a basketball fan. On the front, we'll place a portrait from the photo you send, and on the back, we offer space for any text and graphics.

Gift for a Basketball Coach that will be remembered for years

If you want to thank your coach, offer them something special. Our coin is a wonderful gift for a basketball coach. On the front, we'll place a portrait of the coach, their full name, the team's motto, and the date. On the back of the gift for the basketball coach, we can place the crest of their team and wishes. Remember, these are just suggestions – you can design the entire coin yourself, adapting it to the coach's personality and preferences.

Discover our personalised coins and medals – perfect for any occasion related to basketball. Whether you are looking for a gift for a player, fan, or coach, our products are an excellent choice. Visit seQua.Shop, where quality goes hand in hand with passion for the sport!

How to order

Provide text for the front and back of the coin.
Upload a photo you want to turn into a portrait or your own logo.
Place your order and wait for an email with the design. We will send you the design within 24 hours. You will still be able to make changes.
We will only manufacture your coin after you have approved the design.


20/2mm; 25/2mm; 38/3mm; 50/3mm

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