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Blue Leather Monogram Keyring - Personalised Perfection

Blue Leather Monogram Keyring - Personalised Perfection

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Blue Leather Keyring: Craftsmanship at its Best

Crafted from contoured blue leather that perfectly embraces a 38mm stainless steel ring, our keyring is the epitome of sophistication. The steel ring is polished to a mirror shine, radiating an incomparable gleam. And what's even more special? At the front of this shimmering steel circle, we engrave any text or graphic you provide. On the leather's front, we skillfully emboss your initials.

Custom Keyring with Razor3D Engraving Technique

Every keyring we create is tailored to your order, ensuring the highest quality. It undergoes rigorous quality checks at every production stage. We engrave each keyring using our signature Razor3D method. This deep metal engraving guarantees absolute durability. Once engraved, the metal is polished again, giving the personalisation a unique and luxurious appearance.

Personalised Keyring: Simple and Elegant Customisation

Customising your keyring is a breeze. Use our font and symbol gallery or send us your custom font and graphic. Or, simply describe to us what you'd like engraved. Our designers will prepare an engraving design for you. Whether you give us exact engraving details or rely on our design, we'll send you a draft for approval. Only after you confirm will we begin production, ensuring your keyring is crafted perfectly to your liking.

Delivery Information

Since each keyring is custom-made based on your order and produced only after your design approval, we require up to 3 working days to ship. But rest assured, we'll dispatch your order as swiftly as possible.

Need Inspiration?

Out of ideas for your engraving design? Tell us what you want, and our designers will craft the perfect concept for you.

Visit seQua.Shop today and experience the perfection of our blue leather keyring with embossed monogram!

How to order

Enter up to 2 letters that will be embossed on the leather.
Provide the engraving text. If you want to include a symbol, provide its number (e.g., A96).
Place your order and wait for the engraving design, which we will send to you by email within a maximum of 24 hours. You will have the opportunity to make any changes to the design.
We will begin processing your order only after you accept the design.


Diameter of the engraving circle: 38mm
Thickness of the engraving circle: 2mm
Diameter of the small key ring: 30mm

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    Our 3D engraving method delivers deep and long-lasting engravings, perfect for your unique designs.