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Logo Keyring without Minimum Order Quantity

Logo Keyring without Minimum Order Quantity

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Exclusive Keyring with Logo: Your Unique Note Begins Here!

Discover the exclusive keyring with logo, ideal for individual and smaller orders. Our unique flexibility allows you to order from just one piece! This option is perfect for individual customers and small businesses looking for high-quality keyrings with individual engraving.

This high-quality keyring is made according to your wishes, whether with your company logo, a unique text, or a combination of both. It is not only a practical accessory but also a powerful promotional item that stylishly presents your brand.

Order now and give your keyring a personal touch. For larger orders from 5 pieces, we are happy to be at your disposal – contact us and secure an exclusive special price!

Prestigious Design and Elegance: An Item of Class

Our keyring with logo embodies not only a stylish accessory but also symbolises class and prestige. It is the perfect item to represent the heart of your company or brand. As a promotional item, this beautiful pendant offers an excellent way to promote your company or to thank your customers for their loyalty. A keyring with a custom-designed logo as a promotional item is not only a practical gift but also a subtle and effective form of brand presentation. With its appealing design and high-quality workmanship, this keyring becomes a coveted object that reflects your appreciation and professionalism.

How to order

Describe in detail what you want to be engraved on the keyring and add your logo. Within a maximum of 24 hours, you will receive an initial design of the keyring via email. You will then be able to make changes.

Delivery Time

Standard: 5-9 working days
Express: 3-4 working days


Diameter of the engraving circle: 38mm
Thickness of the engraving circle: 3mm
Diameter of the small key ring: 30mm

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schlüsselanhänger- mit logo ohne mindestbestellmenge - gravur type

3D Engraving – Perfection in Every Detail with Versatile Options

The 3D engraving technique we use, known as Razor3D, allows for exceptional precision and depth of patterns. We offer this technique in four different options to meet your specific needs:

Dark 3D Engraving: Text and logo are deeply engraved into the metal and appear in a colour close to black. This option provides a striking and expressive representation of your logo or text.

Bright 3D Engraving: In this option, text and logo are deeply engraved into the stainless steel without additional colour. The result is a noble and classic representation that highlights the natural beauty of the stainless steel.

Dark 3D Negative Engraving: Here, text and logo are polished, while the surrounding metal is deeply engraved and presented in a black-like colour. This technique creates a unique contrast and highlights your design.

Bright 3D Negative Engraving: In this variant, text and logo are polished, with a deeply engraved background in the natural colour of the stainless steel. This method offers a subtle yet impressive presentation of your individual design.

Each engraving option is carefully designed to enhance the luxurious character of the keyring. A subsequent polishing of the metal after engraving ensures that each pattern is clear and elegant.

Ein Schlüsselanhänger mit individuell gestaltetem Logo als Werbeartikel

Product Advantages: Keyring as a Promotional Item of Unmatched Quality

Every element of our keyring is crafted with the utmost care, highlighting its elite character. The combination of leather and stainless steel, connected with a spring steel ring, guarantees durability and robustness. We offer a wide range of leather colours to ensure that each keyring perfectly reflects the personal style of its owner.

schlüsselanhänger- mit logo ohne mindestbestellmenge - schwarz und rot

Keyring with Logo without Minimum Order Quantity: Unique and Functional Design

Our keyring combines luxury with functionality. It consists of a precisely formed strip of cowhide and a stainless steel ring with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. The ring is carefully polished to a high gloss, giving it a unique, mirror-like appearance. On the metallic part of the keyring, we place your logo and engraved text, while we emboss your initials or a logo on the leather.

Printing Keyrings: Personalised Packaging as an Addition

For each ordered keyring with logo, we offer an additional option of printing the packaging, also with your logo. This service underscores the unique character of the keyring and makes it an ideal promotional item or a personal gift. The individually printed packaging not only increases the visibility of your brand but also adds an additional touch of elegance and professionalism.

Personalisation: Your Logo, Your Text, Your Choice

The variety of personalisation options for our keyring makes it a unique product. You can choose from different types of engraving to customise your metal keyring. Your own logo can be prominently placed, whether through engraving directly on the metal or via an elegant monogram on the leather. Additionally, you have the option to add a personal text that perfectly represents your company or message.

For further personalisation, we offer a wide range of leather colours. From classic tones to vibrant colours – each keyring can be designed to not only be a practical key to your daily paths but also a stylish statement. The combination of high-quality metal and fine leather makes every keyring an exclusive promotional item that combines elegance and functionality.

Personalisation and Production Process: Focus on Perfection

The process of creating your keyring begins with defining your personalisation wishes. Our graphics team creates a draft, which you can adjust to your expectations. The production of the keyring only begins after your approval of the draft, to ensure that the final product meets the highest quality standards.

Graphic Support: We Realise Your Vision

If you are looking for inspiration or help in designing your keyring, our graphics team is at your disposal. Tell us about your concept, and we take care of the rest, creating a design that perfectly matches your needs.