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Dog Tag Silver and Titanium - The Ultimate Personalized Dog Tag Gift

Dog Tag Silver and Titanium - The Ultimate Personalized Dog Tag Gift

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Seeking the perfect gift? The dog tag silver and titanium from seQua.Shop combines elegance, originality, and personal significance, delighting even the most discerning of loved ones.

Dog Tag Silver and Titanium: Exclusively Crafted for You

Our titanium dog tag features a sterling silver inlay on the front and a pure titanium back, appealing to both men and women with its timeless design.

Dog Tag Silver: The Perfect Blend of Elegance and Durability

With a light grey titanium and gleaming silver inlay, this pendant effortlessly complements any outfit. Its unique design will captivate anyone with an appreciation for originality.

Titanium Dog Tag: Personalization at Its Finest

The dog tag silver and titanium provides an opportunity for personalization. With engraving options on both the silver inlaid front and the titanium back, add a deeply personal touch to your gift with a phrase, personal detail, significant motto, or heartfelt wish.

Personalized Dog Tag: A Gift That Resonates

This titanium dog tag with a silver inlay is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a piece of you that stays close to your loved ones. It's a gift that will touch hearts, be it for your Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Sister, Brother, Dad, Grandpa, or Friend.

Explore seQua.Shop today to find your perfect dog tag silver and titanium - the ultimate personalized gift.

How to order

Please provide the engraving text for the front in the "Front Text" field. If you want the engraving on the back as well, please provide the text in the "Back Text" field. Specify the font number in the engraving text. You can use different fonts on each side. Enter the symbol number if you want to add a symbol (e.g. A98). Before we proceed with the product, we will send you a engraving design for approval. You may still make changes at that point.


Dimensions: 21 mm x 40 mm.
Thickness: ~2 mm
Sterling Silver inlay thickness: 1 mm.

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