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Personalised Keyring with Kiss Symbol and 3D Engraving

Personalised Keyring with Kiss Symbol and 3D Engraving

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Personalised Keyring: A Lasting Kiss

Introducing our unique keyring adorned with an engraved kiss symbol, perfected through state-of-the-art 3D engraving technology. This personalised keyring stands as the perfect gift to express your affection in a special and enduring manner.

A Symbol of Love, Immortalised in Metal

The delicate kiss on this keyring is engraved with precision and attention to detail, transforming it from a mere accessory into a miniature work of art. The 3D engraving adds fascinating depth and texture to the kiss, coming to life with every play of light.

Customise with Your Personal Touch

Each keyring is made to order and can be customised with a personalised message or initials. Simply choose your desired engraving, and we'll transform the keyring into a unique piece that symbolises your personal connection.

We pride ourselves on quality and use only premium materials for our keyring. Every step of the engraving process is carefully monitored to ensure that your keyring is not just beautiful, but also durable.

How to order

Enter up to two letters to be embossed on the leather.
Select the leather color.
Provide the text for the engraving.
Place your order and wait for an email with the design. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with the engraving design. You can make changes before accepting. Your keychain will be made once you approve the design.


Diameter of the engraving circle: 38mm
Thickness of the engraving circle: 3mm
Diameter of the small key ring: 30mm

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