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Leather Dog Tag Necklace - Personalized Excellence in Every Detail

Leather Dog Tag Necklace - Personalized Excellence in Every Detail

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Monogrammed Leather Dog Tag - Uniquely Crafted Just for You

Customization at its Best

Experience the uniqueness of our Leather Dog Tag Necklace. Each Leather Pendant is hand-crafted from the highest quality English natural leather, with each piece hand-cut, treated, finished, and protected against moisture for a long-lasting finish.

Stunning Detailing Meets Personalization

The beautiful embossing around the edges and up to two letters or numbers pressed in the middle elevate the aesthetic appeal of our Monogrammed Leather Dog Tag. Choose from nine leather colors: black, dark brown, brown, red, blue, green, pink, cognac, and natural to truly express your personal style.

Leather Dog Tag Necklace - The Perfect Overlay for Discretion

Our Leather Dog Tag Necklace fits perfectly over a standard dog tag, serving as a stylish overlay. In addition to its decorative function, it conveniently shields the text on the dog tag from unwanted views, offering an added layer of privacy.

Leather Dog Tag Silencer – The Practical Solution

Designed with practicality in mind, our Leather Dog Tag Necklace can serve as a Leather Dog Tag Silencer. When placed between two dog tags, it significantly reduces noise and provides an extra layer of protection, without compromising on style.

Mens Leather Necklace Dog Tag - The Stylish Pendant

Crafted to be worn alone as a stylish Leather Pendant, our Mens Leather Necklace Dog Tag is more than just a practical item. It's a fashion statement. The included complimentary 70cm stainless steel ball chain can be easily adjusted to your preferred length.

Experience the uniqueness and style of our Monogrammed Leather Dog Tag today at seQua.Shop

How to order

1. Select leather color
2 Place your order.
3. Your pendant will be shipped within 3 business days.


Width: 30mm
Height: 50mm
Chain length: 70cm

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