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Custom Leather Keychain - Embrace the Joy of Personalization

Custom Leather Keychain - Embrace the Joy of Personalization

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Embody your sentiments in a tangible form and bring joy to your loved ones with our beautifully handcrafted custom keychain. Made to order with precision and care, it showcases a blend of timeless appeal and personal touch, making it the perfect gift.

Turn Feelings into Everlasting Keepsakes

Our custom keychain features a beautifully polished stainless-steel plate, the ideal canvas for your personal messages, heartfelt confessions, inspiring quotes, or anything else that resonates with your emotions. The final look of the keychain hinges on your personal touch, making it a unique and meaningful keepsake.

A Palette of Natural Leather Colors

Crafted from genuine leather, the keychain comes in 6 distinct hues to match your preference. Whether you favor natural, cognac, green, blue, red, burgundy, dark brown, or black, the choice is yours. Your chosen color enhances the character of the stainless-steel plate, adding depth to the custom keychain.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

This personalized leather keychain serves as a delightful gift, apt for any occasion. Be it a birthday, Christmas, a new car celebration, or housewarming, there's always a reason to bestow this beautiful token of affection. It's not just a keychain; it's a symbol of your enduring care and love.

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Quality

Made from robust stainless steel and premium leather, the custom keychain stands the test of time. The overall dimensions of 8.5 cm length and 3 cm width, along with a steel plate dimension of 23 mm x 40 mm, contribute to a design that's as practical as it is stunning.

Immerse in the art of personalization and explore our collection of custom leather keychains at seQua.Shop.

How to order

1. Choose the color of the leather.
2. Provide the engraving text. If you want to add a symbol from our gallery - put its number in parentheses. E.g. (A89).
3. Specify the number of the font you want to use.
4. Place your order. Within 24 hours, you will receive a draft of the engraving by email from us.
5. Accept the design or suggest changes.
6. We will only make your keychain after you have accepted the appearance of the engraving.


Width: 3cm
Height with ring: ~9cm
Thickness: ~5mm

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