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Name Chain Necklace - The Perfect Gift for Her in Any Colour

Name Chain Necklace - The Perfect Gift for Her in Any Colour

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Your Name on a Necklace - Always Close to Your Heart

Pick Your Favourite Colour

Everyone is special. That's why we let you choose your name chain necklace in any colour. And don't worry! Thanks to some cool tech, the colour will stay bright and nice, even if you wear it every day.

Elegant and Just for You

Our name on a necklace is shaped just right to look great with anything you wear. It's a rectangle that's 35x10mm in size. Simple, but super pretty!

Your Name, Clear and Beautiful

Want your name or any other word on it? We've got you! We use a special way to write on the necklace so it looks neat and lasts a long time.

A Complete Necklace with a Chain

With your necklace, you also get a lovely chain that's 50 cm long. You can choose from two types: one with links or one with loops. Both are really nice!

Be Special Every Day

The name chain necklace from seQua.Shop is not just something pretty to wear. It tells everyone about you. With your name on it, every day feels special. Order today and feel the magic of being you.

How to order

1. Enter engraving text.
2. Enter the symbol number from our gallery.
3. Enter the name or colour code (e.g. blue or #0000FF).
4. Place your order.
We will send you an engraving design before completing your order. We will only start processing your order once it has been approved.


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