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Personalised 67th Birthday Gift Coin: A Unique Delight

Personalised 67th Birthday Gift Coin: A Unique Delight

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The Perfect Birthday Gift for a Special Someone

If you are looking for a unique and heartfelt gift for a 67th birthday, a personalised coin made from stainless steel or brass is the ideal choice. This gift not only signifies love and appreciation but will also be cherished as a precious memory for years to come. The coin is customised according to your specifications: the front features a portrait of the birthday person, and their age is elegantly displayed on the reverse. This personal gift highlights the special relationship between you and the recipient, bringing joy and sentimentality to the occasion.

Personalising Your 67th Birthday Gift

The design of the coin allows complete freedom in choosing the inscription. Whether it's a loving quote, a life motto, or simply the name and date, you dictate what is engraved. Before final production, you will receive a draft for approval, ensuring everything is perfect. This not only makes the gift unique but also deeply personal and from the heart.

Options for the Birthday Gift

You can choose between high-quality stainless steel with a silver finish and elegant brass with a golden hue. Additionally, we offer various engraving techniques: from impressive 3D engraving to classic laser engraving. The coin is available in different sizes (20, 25, 38, or 50mm diameter), allowing it to meet your exact preferences.

67th Birthday Gift for a Man

A personalised gift is the perfect choice for Dad, Grandad, a Friend, or Brother. It not only shows your appreciation and love but also remains a symbol of special shared moments. Whether as a token of gratitude for lifelong support or just as a humorous touch in everyday life, this coin will touch every man's heart.

67th Birthday Gift for a Woman

For Mum, Grandma, a Girlfriend, or Sister, this personalised coin offers a wonderful way to express your feelings. Every woman receiving this gift will appreciate the personal touch accompanying every word and image on the coin. It is a memento that signifies not only material value but also deep connection and love.

Is a Personalised Coin a Good Gift Idea for a 67th Birthday?

A personalised coin is an excellent and original way to convey heartfelt birthday wishes for a 67th celebration. This gift will not only be memorable but also allows you to express your emotions in a unique and lasting manner. In times when individual and tailored gifts are becoming more popular, such a coin represents an elegant and unique method of showing your sincerest wishes. It is more than just a gift; it is a lasting tribute to the joy and family that each birthday brings.

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How to order

Provide text for the front and back of the coin.
Upload a photo you want to turn into a portrait or your own logo.
Place your order and wait for an email with the design. We will send you the design within 24 hours. You will still be able to make changes.
We will only manufacture your coin after you have approved the design.


20/2mm; 25/2mm; 38/3mm; 50/3mm

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