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The Perfect Gift for Your Son: Personalised Keyring

The Perfect Gift for Your Son: Personalised Keyring

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Ideal Gift for Your Son - Personalised Keyring from Parents

Looking for that extraordinary gift for your son? The "My Son" keyring at seQua.Shop isn't just a useful accessory, but a heartfelt token from mum, dad, or both parents. Crafted from natural leather and stainless steel, our custom keyring is a beautiful way to show my son his importance to us.

An Unforgettable Gift from Mum and Dad: Keyring for Your Son

Opting for a keyring for your son from our collection means gifting more than an ordinary item. It's a meaningful gift for your son that will accompany him for years, thanks to its flawless craftsmanship and lasting durability. A bespoke keyring ensures that the present is as unique as your bond.

Custom Keyring - Excellence in Every Aspect

Our "My Son" keyring is distinguished by its unique design and personalisation options. The double-sided custom engraving on the stainless steel ring, an embossed monogram on the leather, and our exclusive Razor3D deep engraving in black - enduring and resistant to wear - are just a few attributes that set it apart.

Craftsmanship with Top-Notch Materials

Selecting our keyring for your son means choosing a product crafted from the finest materials. The combination of natural leather and stainless steel not only looks sophisticated but also stands the test of time.

For My Son: Personalisation with a Unique Touch

Our custom keyring not only looks distinctive but also offers the flexibility to make it truly personal. With options for 8 leather colours and custom engraving, each "My Son" keyring becomes as special as your relationship with your son. Please note that the text and symbols on our example images are for illustration purposes only. You can select any text of your choosing and pick from two symbols in our gallery to make your gift even more personal.

How to order

Enter up to two letters to be embossed on the leather.
Select the leather color.
Provide the text for the engraving.
Place your order and wait for an email with the design. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with the engraving design. You can make changes before accepting. Your keychain will be made once you approve the design.

Delivery Time

Standard: 5-9 working days
Express: 3-4 working days


Diameter of the engraving circle: 38mm
Thickness of the engraving circle: 3mm
Diameter of the small key ring: 30mm

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"Mein Sohn" Schlüsselanhänger - Perfekt polierter Edelstahl

Perfectly polished stainless steel

Beidseitige Gravur von Mama und Papa - Wählen Sie Text und bis zu zwei Symbole für beide Seiten

Double-sided engraving

Any text on the front and back of the keychain. Add 2 symbols from our gallery or submit your own.

Schlüsselanhänger Sohn - Geprägtes Monogramm auf Leder

Embossed monogram on leather

Perfekte Geschenk für Ihren Sohn - Schlüsselanhänger mit Geschenkbox

Gift packaging

Select an elegant gift packaging and provide the text for the greeting card.

Geschenk von Mutter und Vater: Schlüsselanhänger für Ihren Sohn
Individueller Schlüsselanhänger - Exzellenz in Jedem Aspekt
Schlüsselanhänger mit initial M