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Personalised Keyring: The Perfect Gift for the Adventurous Soul

Personalised Keyring: The Perfect Gift for the Adventurous Soul

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Experience the unmatched blend of titanium and leather, creating a distinct custom keyring. Dive into this one-of-a-kind keyring that harmoniously merges the robust endurance of titanium with the sophistication of genuine leather, shaping an exemplary accessory for every travel enthusiast.

The Compass Engraved: At the Heart of Your Keyring

Prominently featured on the titanium plate is a beautifully compass engraved design. At its core lies a polished rivet, while its perimeter is reserved for your bespoke engraving. Whether it's names, dates, coordinates, or the countries you've visited, the choice is entirely yours.

Keyring Engraving: Precision and Elegance in One

The depth of the keyring engraving is accentuated by the use of titanium. Opt between a sleek titanium-coloured engraving or a dark vintage effect. Supreme accuracy and durability guaranteed for your personalised keyring.

Who is this Personalised Leather Keyring Perfect for?

While a custom keyring stands as an impeccable gift for travellers, there's a myriad of others who would cherish this exclusive charm. Here are some suggestions:

  • For Family: Immortalise shared memories, like a child's birthdate, the inaugural father-son fishing trip, or a sibling's wedding day.

  • For the Best Friend: A subtle, yet deeply personal token that perennially harks back to shared adventures and moments.

  • For the Graduate: A symbolic token marking the culmination of one life chapter and the inauguration of another.

And, always remember, if you need assistance with the engraving design or placing an order, our consultants are more than willing to help.

How to order

Specify the engraving content to be placed on the compass. Choose the colour of the leather and the type of engraving. You will receive your engraving design from us within a maximum of 24 hours of placing your order. You will still be able to make changes.


width: 4cm
height: 9cm

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