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Tree of Life Lucky Charm: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Tree of Life Lucky Charm: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

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Medallion for Mothers

A beautiful medallion made of stainless steel that you can design yourself! This medallion is not just a lucky charm but also a symbol of love and appreciation. On the front, we suggest the Tree of Life as a motif, but you can choose something from our gallery or upload your own design. Add your personal wishes and create a unique gift for your mum.

Choose the Colour of the Tree of Life for Your Mum

The Tree of Life or another symbol on the front can be done in any colour. Choose your mum's favourite colour or match the pendant to her favourite outfit. This makes the lucky charm even more personal and special.

Your Wishes for Mum on the Back of the Medallion

On the back of the medallion, you can place wishes for your mum – be it a personal dedication, a life motto, or a tender text. This personal touch will surely bring her joy.

Lucky Charm – An Original Gift for Mum

Our Lucky Charm is a brilliant gift idea for Mother's Day. It expresses joy, love, and gratitude and is an original gift that comes straight from the heart.

Ladies' Medallion – A Unique Gift for Women

This Lucky Charm is also a charming gift for all the important women in your life. It is great as a gift for your sister at Christmas, an original birthday present for your wife, or a romantic Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend.

Lucky Charm – A Perfect Gift for Men

Instead of the Tree of Life, choose a symbol like a lion or a wolf and create an extraordinary personalised gift for a man. Upload a photo of your husband's motorcycle, and we will create a motorcycle-themed lucky charm. It is the ideal birthday gift for your husband, dad, or son.

Is the Tree of Life Lucky Charm a Good Gift Idea for Mum?

Yes, the Tree of Life Lucky Charm is a great gift idea for your mum. It conveys joy and love and shows how much you value her. Such a gift will always be remembered and will bring a smile to her face every day.

Lucky Charm Made of Stainless Steel

Our round lucky charm is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 38 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. We engrave using our special Razord3D method and then fill it with any colour using UV technology. The combination of Razord3D engraving and UV printing technology guarantees clear, detailed engravings and faithful, vivid, and lasting colours. In the final production phase, the lucky charm is polished to a mirror shine, making it beautifully gleaming.

The Amulet is Suspended on an Adjustable Black Leather Strap

The lucky charm is attached to an adjustable black leather strap made of genuine leather, which allows for comfortable and stylish wear. This natural material adds an extra level of quality and makes the gift even more valuable.

How to order

Enter the symbol number from our gallery. Input the name or colour code in HEX format. Choose the font number. Provide text for the front and back of the tag. Place your order and await an email with the design, which we'll send within 24 hours at most. You'll still have the opportunity to make changes to the design. We'll only produce the tag after you approve the design.


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