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Unique 77th Birthday Gift: Personalised Coin

Unique 77th Birthday Gift: Personalised Coin

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Perfect Gift Idea for a 77th Birthday

Are you searching for a truly special and unique gift for a 77th birthday? Our personalised coin made from stainless steel or brass is an excellent choice! With this coin, you are not just giving a simple gift, but a lasting memory crafted with love and care. On the front of the coin, a photo of the birthday person provided by you can be engraved, while the back carries the number 77 and a personal wish or quote.

Personalisation of the Gift for a 77th Birthday

The design of the coin is completely customizable. The text on both sides of the coin is just a suggestion – you can change it as you like to make it more personal. Before we start making it, we will send you a draft for approval so you can make sure everything is exactly as you wish.

Options for the 77th Birthday Gift

You can choose between different materials and engraving methods: stainless steel for a silver look or brass for a golden shimmer. We also offer various engraving techniques, from 3D engraving to classic laser engraving. The coins are available in different sizes: 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, and 50mm.

77th Birthday Gift for Men

This gift is perfect for any Dad, Grandpa, Friend or Brother celebrating their 77th birthday. The personalised coin not only signifies the appreciation and love that you have for him but is also a symbol of the thought you have put into giving him something personal and unique.

77th Birthday Gift for Women

Similarly, this coin is a wonderful gift for any Mum, Grandma, Girlfriend or Sister turning 77 years old. She will appreciate the loving gesture and see the gift as a sign of your love and recognition. A personalised coin is not just a gift, but also a piece of family history that can be passed down.

Is This a Good Gift Idea for a 77th Birthday?

A personalised gift like our coin is a fantastic choice for a 77th birthday because it highlights the uniqueness of the recipient. By adding a personal picture or dedication, you make it an unforgettable keepsake. It is an elegant and simultaneously original way to express your sincerest wishes, and a wonderful way to share joy and love.

Decide today for this special gift and make the 77th birthday of your loved ones an unforgettable event! Experience how a personalised coin is not just a joyful surprise but also a lasting symbol of connection. Visit seQua.Shop and order your gift easily and conveniently.

How to order

Provide text for the front and back of the coin.
Upload a photo you want to turn into a portrait or your own logo.
Place your order and wait for an email with the design. We will send you the design within 24 hours. You will still be able to make changes.
We will only manufacture your coin after you have approved the design.


20/2mm; 25/2mm; 38/3mm; 50/3mm

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